Minecraft Story Mode | ACCESS DENIED!! | Episode 7 [#1]

Minecraft Story Mode | ACCESS DENIED!! | Episode 7 [#1]
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Today, we are continuing our play through of the BRAND NEW game, Minecraft: Story Mode. Join Jesse, Reuben and all their friends in a journey to find the Legendary Order Of The Stone!! Many adventures, friends and danger are to be found..

► Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 : https://youtu.be/9sUFgZ244FQ
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► Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 : https://youtu.be/IilE-Tsn6hI

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  1. I really like ivor ssying that word "Nothing lasts forever" i cant stop thinking about it cuz sometimes it makes me cry xD

  2. dan the your gonna save stampys life in the previos episode dont do anything

  3. Dantdm u know there are people in roblox who make fun of u, i always back up for you man and for Team TDM, btw keep up the good work with ur vids man, ur epic. Also please read this in a future video of the reading your comments it would mean alot my fav utuber read it

  4. Dan start making more video's about minecraft story mode like c'mon like dude stampy is doing like all of them

  5. Hey Dan!PAMA is mad and petra angry and you in RED STONE WORLD plz down load the new Epsoid 8 if he Down load

  6. Actually your the dumb one because if she didn't destroy the portal pama would've took over the world dummy

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