Minecraft School – PARENTS GETTING MARRIED? (Minecraft Roleplay) #15

Minecraft School - PARENTS GETTING MARRIED? A Minecraft Roleplay in Minecraft High School with LOGinHDi
NEXT EPISODE - Can we get 200 likes?
FULL Minecraft School Playlist - http://bit.ly/mcHighSchool

Minecraft High School roleplay in minecraft, trying to get through the chaos within this school roleplay. New school, new problems as we meet new students, new girls and new bullys. Check out other minecraft school series by 09sharkboy, favremysabre, moosecraft, jaybull, l8games & itsfunneh yandere

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Thanks to all the actors -
Colin: Jaybird540
Stacy: DarkGreenn_
Officer: iDarkSnake
Bruce: ThunderrThighss
Mum: YourGuyZach
Mr Piggles: __Person__
Officer2: R_Gaming
Officer3: Pandagirl08

Map: http://bit.ly/MinecraftGreenfield
Servers Hosted by: https://www.minecraft-hosting.pro/


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