Welcome to school Hide and Seek with Red and Nick. Summer has been great and fortunately we still have a little more time but we decided to stop by school for a good game of Hide N Seek before everyone else started showing up. I hope you guys enjoyed this Hide N Seek school edition with Redvacktor and SGCBarbierian and as always Dirts, Have a Great Day 🙂

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Nick – https://www.youtube.com/SGCBarbierian

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  1. haha haha reds got everything but a life lol haha hahaha no offense red

  2. His intro has the CB tower in tronto is he Canadian I haven't heard a accent like that

  3. Barney I think ur so cool can u do the new fnaf sister location when it comes out. Like if u agree

  4. despite what everyone else is saying, I think you're still an amazing content creator and instead of asking where GTA is, I wanna say that this was a good video and I believe in you to become even more amazing at what you do

  5. Nick: I just saw Baaaarney
    Red: BARNEY!! in a boomed voice
    Me: can't stop laughing

  6. i have been talking like you for 3 days straight and now i cant talk right lol its fun

  7. barney u should try to jump over only necessary thing because it slows u when u jump

  8. Barney I doubt you'll ever see this but I want to think you and the offices for being a true inspiration to me and my friends. much love to you guys ^_^ <333

  9. You should do a role play where the seeker is someone trying to break into the school and you guys ha e to hide from him.

  10. I find the accent so annoying and it seems like ever since he admitted it was fake he is putting a lot more emphasis on it.

  11. Hahaha Barney I love your vids so much, hope you read this so you know how much I appreciate your channel.

  12. Barney if your reading this I love your videos your voice is amazing it on point

  13. Barney im working on some lucky blocks right now all your lucky blocks do is give you dirt any certain skin you want to them to look like

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