LEGO VS MINECRAFT – Which Can I Build Faster?

LEGO VS MINECRAFT - Which Can I Build Faster? Today I'm racing lego against minecraft to see if i which i can make a minecraft house faster in. I used to love lego as a kid, and now minecraft as an adult. I guess I never really grew up.

Who do YOU think will win? Guess before you start watching!

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  1. Did you base the Minecraft blocks on the poster that shows you what each Lego brick is supposed to be in Minecraft?

  2. can you make a video of how to make a starter house in a mesa it's so hard to make it look good with all the clay

  3. Well I will say something I play mc and Lego every day and I will agree Minecraft is a lot faster cuz when I build with Lego sets it takes about a hour to complete a 300 to 400 piece set compared to Minecraft it will take a lot faster cause a house takes about 15 minutes to 20

  4. Grian do you have TheOdd1sout do your animations? Keep up the great work!

  5. Hey Grian, i've been watching for about a year. Good video btw. But I was thinking of nursery ryhmes and what not to tell my little cousin and something genius hit me. The lady that lived in a shoe! If you could build a shoe house wacky build for me, that would be pretty cool.

  6. who,s awsome? tell me please. i love to solve mystry,s i am only 8 so i can,t spell very good.

  7. your,e so stupid! lego vs minecraft? no! it,s minecraft vs legos! this video is 1 star!!

  8. Grain I challenge you, to make a house using Mr Crayfish furniture mod.

  9. LEGO my EGO! lol… Now Grian you've started something, everyone is going to want massive lego builds that replicate massive minecraft ones… oh, just me.. we ll you should still do it if you have the time. 🙂

    If you don't have the time… maybe there is a LEGO channel out there that you could feature or something where they build your builds in lego. I just think it would be cool!

  10. Wow, finally, a LEGO set that doesn't look like sh*t.
    No offense to LEGO, but I've been trying to find a nice house set for a LONG time now. Most of them are either the "girl" ones (I've no problem with that but I just want simple, old school LEGO.), or over-complicated machines or monsters and others are just, huge-ass houses that are expensive as hell. Where can one find small ones that are simple like this house? LEGO changed over the years ;-;

    In other order of ideas, nice video Grian!

  11. well, logically minecraft will always be faster than building lego. think of the block placing. when you place a block, it does it a lot faster than a person reaching for the lego block, and placing it down, then securing it.

  12. You should show how to make house/base on a chunk error. Either where it's completely flat or where it gets chopped off and just goes straight into an ocean :D

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