Career Crafting the Decade After High School Professional’s Guide webinar

This webinar is a great chance to gain practical guidance and effective tools that educators and career professionals can apply in their work. These chaos-friendly approaches to career counselling emphasize the fluidity of young people’s career journeys today.

Participants will learn:
- What RESEARCH tells us about the challenges young people face in the decade after high school graduation
- The FIVE STRATEGIES that young people use to find satisfying work and what internal and external factors impact on which they use
- 8 CAREER CRAFTING TECHNIQUES that career professionals can use to normalize change and to help young people be proactive in the face of uncertainty

Cathy Campbell, PhD has over 20 years’ experience as a researcher, career counsellor, program developer and manager in school, community college, university, and government settings. She has extensive experience at both a client and program level in helping young adults make effective transition into post-secondary education and into the workplace.


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